Running for a cause

Have you ever wanted to help support something that truly makes a difference in the world? Well, here's your chance. As you know, St. Jude's has played a huge part in our lives over the past year that our little Chunk has been a patient there. I know a lot of people have seen their commercials or telethons, radio-thons, etc., but I am not sure most people realize how amazing this place really is. Let me just tell you. They provide families with free housing in a place called the Target House, which is just 7-8 minutes from the hospital. The Target House is, by far, the most amazing place I have ever been to. They have a decked out playroom for the little kids, an amazing outside playground, a music room that is complete with every different video game system you can possibly imagine, a state of the art workout room, a pool table, dining hall, a constant stream of celebrity guests and individual apartment-like rooms for the families. They provide free shuttle service to all sorts of different places for those who do not have their own form of transportation. They give you a Kroger grocery card worth 100$ each week or a meal card if you are inpatient at the hospital. Their food court is amazing and includes but is not limited to a fish bar, mexican bar, gelato station and weight watchers selections. They provide any and all prescription medications at no cost to the patient as well as complete medical care at no cost. And, well, that's really just the beginning. I mean, I could go on and on about this place, it is simply amazing. And here's the thing, in the midst of all of this they have the top researchers desperately trying to find a cure for childhood cancer. They are constantly making huge advances in the world of medicine and their passion for these kids is astounding. Because they provide all of their services free, fundraising is their main avenue for income. Here is where you can make a difference. There is a marathon coming up in December called the Memphis Marathon. It is a fundraising effort for St. Jude's and goes right to the research that is needed to find a cure for these children that are battling through cancer. I signed up for the half-marathon, which is 13 miles, and have been training for about six months now. I have a fundraising page and you can donate to St. Jude's with just the click of a button. It is fully tax deductible and you also have the privilege of knowing that you are helping children just like our little Chunks-a-lot. So, whether it's just a couple of dollars or 50 dollars, it doesn't matter....every penny helps. Please check out our fundraising page and help make a difference! McKaylee's Miracle


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