Have you ever noticed how little girls always want to be just like their big brothers? Over the past few weeks, I have witnessed some of the cutest moments where my little Chunks-a-lot has tried her hardest to be just like her big brother.

Exhibit one:
It might appear as though she's just coloring, but she's really "helping" Landen "write" a book

Exhibit Two:
Here she is trying to play the Wii. She was even clever enough to throw in an occasional "Ah, man!" to make it seem as though she were actually playing.

Exhibit Three:
After dropping Talks-a-lot off at kindergarten, this was McKaylee's way of celebrating his memory

But don't think that this is a one way street because there are about a million times during the day where Landen makes this face to me

Impersonating this:

McKaylee's famous "fake crying face" that she uses when she doesn't get her way.

This is what I love about children, they show their love for each other in the strangest (and cutest) ways.


Brooke said…
Mine copy each other just like that!
That is hilariously adorable!!!

Hey, I just wanted to give you an award (which you are very deserving of!) Please don't worry about doing the whole linking thing....I could care less. You have enough on your hands!

Praying for you and McKaylee, now and always!

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