Any of them will do...

Tonight, McKaylee, Landen and I all curled up in Landen's bed for some books and prayer time. Landen was being very affectionate with his sister as she snuggled up beside him on his pillows. His prayer tonight went like this:
"Dear Jesus, please heal little McKaylee. I like her being here. Please just take her tumor away. Maybe just send one of your angels to take care of her, watch over her and help her feel better. It doesn't matter which angel you send, any of them will do. Please just heal her."
Geesh, it's moments like this that not only humble me where I stand but make me realize how blessed I am to be the mother of two such incredible children. "Jesus, just send your angels....any of them will do."


Jaci Spain said…
That is the sweetest thing EVER! We're still praying for her every day!

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