A week ago, we celebrated a big moment in Landen's life....his 7th birthday!  Even though he's now officially been seven for an entire week, I'm still in awe with this most recent birthday.  I guess it just seems like time goes by a little faster every year.
  Although I tend to get a little teary-eyed thinking of my little boy quickly becoming a little man, it's amazing to be able to watch him grow up, to plainly see the person he is becoming.  So, Landen, (and hopefully he'll read this one day so I'm not just talking to myself) here's all the things that make you amazing to me:

* You have the most incredible sense of humor that only seems to grow with you.  I love that you can find a laugh at every corner, it's definitely made my life full of smiles and giggles.
* I love that you can be the most competitive person in the room and then turn around the next moment and take everything in stride.  You always seem to know when to stop taking life too seriously.
* I never considered that you might be athletic, although I am sure your Daddy has dreamed of it!  But it has been incredible to watch you play sports, especially baseball.  I absolutely love yelling for you in the stands and your natural ability is amazing to watch.  It just makes me proud to see you out there with your team and I've enjoyed it far more than I could have ever imagined.
* Your strength of character is astounding.  I remember during a baseball game recently, your coach came running out to the stands to talk to me.  He had handed out candy to all of the kids and you told him that you absolutely had to have your mommy's permission before you could eat sweets, so you sent him out to get my "okay".  It brought me to tears as I sat there amazed at your integrity.  It's rare to find such character in a seven year old and I greatly respect and admire that part of who you are.
* I love that you love math.  I wouldn't have dreamed that something academic could bring us together, but it has.  One of my favorite things in the world is doing your multiplication workbook together.  You get so excited about learning new concepts and you're so teachable.  It's like a parent's dream come true!
* You have the sweetest attitude towards your little sister.  Even though she can be quite a "mess" sometimes, you are so patient and kind to her.  You treat her like a best friend and it means the world to her and to me.
* You are respectful and obedient and I always know that my words will be met with a "Yes ma'am".
* You are confident, outgoing and always on the look out for new friends.  I love that you can go anywhere and make a new friend.  I wish I had half the confidence you have.
* You're compassionate beyond words.  Everytime I have ever felt sick, you've been the first to jump at the chance to take care of me.  Whether it be taking on a chore that I can't complete or covering me with a blanket while I'm lying on the couch, you're there to do it.
* I love that you can have maturity beyond your years, yet still know how to be a kid at the same time.  That's a hard balance but you manage it with ease.
* You're a big helper and you seem to thrive off of doing things for others.  I know all I have to do is ask and you'll be there.
* I love that you embrace life with such passion.  Everything is a new adventure to you, every moment is a chance to meet someone new or discover something incredible.  You always help me to see that even the simplest thing can be something amazing.

 Landen, this is just the short list of the things that make you who you are.  And as we go through each year, I find more reasons to respect you, admire you and cherish you for who you are.  You've taught me so much about myself just through watching you grow up.  I think you're an amazing person.  I think you are everything that any parent could ever want in a child.  It is such an honor to be your mommy and I am so proud of the person that you are and the person I see you becoming.  This year has been one of the best, in my opinion.  It's so exciting to watch you grow up and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us.  I know enough about you to know that I better scoot forward and put my seat belt on!  Thanks for being who you are, it's made my life so full.  I love you and Happy 7th Birthday!!


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