What a difference a year can make

I was looking back at some pictures today on my computer and came across something that literally brought me to my knees. As much as I do remember from St. Jude's, as fresh as my memories still are about the daily battles we fought, somehow I had forgotten just how sick my little princess really was. And as sad as that memory is, it's also amazing. Amazing because to look at her just twelve months ago and compare it with today, you would have to conclude that her health and her life is an absolute miracle. I know I talk about this all the time but I'm still in awe over the journey Jesus walked with us and the light we have seen at the end of it all. For here we were a year ago at the end of September, in the midst of horrible chemotherapy, sometimes daily blood transfusions and constant sickness:

And here she is today, a year later, happy, healthy and thriving with every step.

How can you not believe in miracles after just simply looking at this picture. Look what God has done in just twelve months. The tumor might still be there, her future might still be unknown but for today, in my book anyways, she is healed!!


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