"Daddy Dizzle"

**Disclaimer--this post is in no way, shape or form meant to poke fun at any culture, race, ethnic group or any other group of people whatsoever. I do not judge or look down on any person or person(s) who might choose to use the following "lingo" as a part of their everyday vocabulary. Also, this post is quite full of "quotation" marks...***

Okay, I've admitted it before, I am not always the best parent. And it's not for the reasons that you might think, I say this because I sometimes find myself giggling at things I shouldn't.

A little history first, I often poke fun at my mother.....can you believe it?! I find it quite entertaining to introduce new phrases to her and get her to repeat them. They always involve some sort of "street lingo" or slang that requires a certain air of roughness to pull off. For instance, the word "holler" which actually sounds quite southern, has now become "Holla" in some social circles. My mom had quite a hard time throwing down a good "holla" and it became a big joke. Landen happened to be present the first time I got my mom to say "holla" and he found it so hilarious that he would shout it out quite often. Sometimes not at the best moments. I also introduced a variety of other phrases which include but are not limited to, "true dat" and "most def". Now, let me be sure to say that I actually do not use these words/phrases on a daily basis as part of my vocabulary but what I have found is that when little ears are listening, things get repeated. So as McKaylee has come along and gotten a bit older, she has decided to participate in these fun times.
Recently, Mom and I were discussing the trend of adding "izzle" on to the end of different words. Like, "for rizzle, "down at my hizzle", "for shizzle", "you're the bomb bizzle". I got Mom to say a few of these choice phrases and the kids found it very entertaining...as did I. Now my husband does not always find this stuff amusing as this type of jargon makes no sense to him. And, understandably so, he sometimes gets onto me when he hears Landen walking around yelling out, "Holla, true dat!". So knowing this, we put the kids up to something. We told them to greet daddy that next day with a "Yo, yo, yo Daddy Dizzle, you're the bomb bizzle!". The next day as he hugged both of the kids, they let it lose on him. Of course, Stephen gave me the "eye" but smiled and giggled with the children as they "izzled" him to death. Unfortunately, this "izzle" business has continued and seems to be worsening. And I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I turn red with laughter each time I hear it. The icing on the cake? Little McKaylee in all her chubby glory has now started frequently calling her daddy, "daddy dizzle". And as much as he would love to shake his head at me in disappointment, who could really resist giggling at something like this:


Audra said…
That is hysterical! I love the way she is cracking herself up. Too cute!

I've been reading your blog for months now and pray for your little chunks everyday. She looks great!
Christy said…
How sweet! I love it!

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