The Big Six

Tonight is the last night that my precious little Landen will be five years old. Tomorrow is his sixth birthday and I am in disbelief at how quickly he is growing up. He is such an incredible young man and here is why:

1. His heart is bursting at the seams with compassion for others
2. He adores his little sister, even when she picks on him
3. He is thoughtful in ways that are far beyond his years
4. He treats his mommy like she is a princess
5. Life is a constant adventure for him, regardless of his circumstances
6. He wants to be a neuro-oncologist when he grows up so he can find a cure for McKaylee's cancer (I am serious, these were his exact words)
7. He always sees the good in everyone
8. He has an amazing ability to whole-heartedly forgive people
9. He is always open to learning new things, even if that means admitting that he doesn't know everything
10. He is the most tender-hearted child I have ever been around
11. He shows his love for his family at every moment possible
12. He is one of the funniest people I know
13. He is good at almost everything he does
14. He is always willing to help others, even if that means giving up something that he wants

And, really, the list goes on and on. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little man in my life and I know that God is going to use Him in incredible ways....well, He already has. So here's to you, Landen, on the eve of your sixth birthday. I cannot imagine my life without you and I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!


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