Taking care of mommy

So I was sick today and by sick I do mean deathly ill. I had another bout with Mastitis, which is a horrible infection that I wouldn't wish on anyone. It hit hard and fast and I ended up completely motionless on the floor this afternoon with a very confused McKaylee inspecting me from head to toe. Mommy doesn't get sick very often and even when I do, it's not the kind of debilitating sickness like I had today. But it certainly ended up being one of the sweetest moments with my little girl. There I was, curled up in a ball on the rug, not sure how I was ever going to get up and walk again when I felt this tiny little hand on my head. I looked up through my squinted eyes only to see little McKaylee gently rubbing her hand over my head. She craned her face into mine and softly asked, "You 'kay?". I told her that mommy had a "big boo-boo" so she quickly grabbed up her favorite blanket and held it up to my nose. I'm not sure when this started, but sometime back McKaylee started becoming obsessed with the comforter blanket in her bed. Whenever she's tired or not feeling well, she has this odd habit of cramming the corners of her blanket in her nose and ears. It's definitely weird but seems to bring her some sort of extreme comfort. So as I laid there with this blanket shoved inside my nose, I found myself almost in tears at my little girl's sympathetic spirit. She snuggled with me there on the floor for a long time, constantly rubbing my back and offering me one of her precious blanket corners. I couldn't help but treasure this moment, as sick as I felt, for it was just an awesome reminder of how blessed I am to have such amazing little people in my life. I was further amazed after I picked up Landen from school, as he made sure I was as comfortable as possible and watched McKaylee for me as I laid on the couch. He mothered her for me, kept her busy with her building blocks and kept her out of trouble. He's so mature to be so young. And as much as I hated being sick, it was a moment for me as a mommy that I know I will never forget. It was the spirit of Christ being modeled for me right before my eyes. I'm not sure my children will ever realize how much they have impacted my life. As much as I try to teach and guide them, I feel like I learn more from them than they do from me. Being a mommy might be hard sometimes, but it days like this one that make every step of the journey worthwhile. I am eternally blessed.


Shea said…
You faked it so well over here! I hate you were so sick, but so sweet of McKaylee to comfort you. Savannah is obsessed with her blankie too - she sucks on hers for comfort. Guess they all have their little quirks. Anyways, we enjoyed it! Hope you are feeling better!

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