The big F-I-V-E!

So today is the day, the day my little boy turns five years old! Landen has been extremely excited about his birthday for the better part of 52 weeks, as he's been counting down the days till its arrival. He woke up with a skip in his step this morning as he wandered in my bedroom to wake me up. It was written all over his face, the excitement, the joy, the overwhelming giddiness and as I scooped him up and whispered "Happy Birthday" in his ear, his smile spread happily across his beaming face. I watched him this morning as he opened up his gift from mommy and daddy, remembering the day he was first born. I can actually still remember the sheer terror I felt when he was about to be born into this fact, I think my exact thought was, "What have I done?". Yet no one has been more surprised than me to find how wonderful being a mommy to this little person really is. He is an amazing child, truly a gift from God to two first time parents who didn't have a clue what lie ahead. If you don't know our little man like we do, here's just a few things that make him the wonderful person that he is:
*He's extremely compassionate---he has such a heart for others
*He loves Jesus and desires to please Him
*He's one of the most honest people I've ever met
*He LOVES to talk (hence the nickname Talks-a-lot)
*He enjoys being around people and meeting new people
*He's scared of spiders and bees but loves ladybugs and rolly-polly's
*He loves to watch football with Daddy
*He's extremely smart
*He is very affectionate and loving
*He adores his little sister and has more patience with her than I do sometimes!
*He is always happy and smiling
*He is eager to please and extremely obedient
These are just a few things out of the million that I could share and if you know Landen, then you know how truly amazing he really is. So we've made it this far, all the way to five years old. There's been a lot of laughter and silliness along the way and I feel like, being a young mom, we've grown up together. I cannot imagine my life without him and find the most joy in the world out of being his mommy. Now I'll strap on my life seatbelt for the next five years!


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