He who is Wordy

The day had been intense, the kids and I had been totally busy the whole day going from place to place, trying to create adventure and chaos wherever we went. As we were riding in the car, finally heading home, Landen starts asking question number 1,109 while McKaylee is whining and moaning from lack of sleep. I found myself in a thick haze of brain fog as I tried to concentrate on driving while attempting to satisfy the various needs arising from my backseat. "But WHY can't I have two desserts after lunch? If I eat more food, THEN can I have more sugar? Won't it just be the same thing?", Landen asks from a motive of pure manipulation. "Buddy, that's enough questions. You've been asking a lot of questions today and we've been super busy all day long and now Mommy is tired. Let's chill out a little bit and just have some quiet.". Although this sounds like an order, at the time it was more like begging. Apparently, children don't care if you're tired or not because the questions only continued. Why does mommy get tired, why does mommy need quiet to drive a car, what do concentrate and "going crazy" mean? Finally, I just had to ask, "Landen, honey, don't you ever get tired of asking questions or just tire of talking in general? Because you sure do seem to have a lot to say all the time.". His eyebrows raised in a very curious expression as his voice raised to new heights, "I'm not the only one who talks a lot. Jesus talks a lot too.". Unbelievably confused, I had to press-on in this fascinating string of conversation, "What.....what do you mean? How do you know that?". "Well, that song", he began, "....in church we sing that song, ya know, 'He is Wordy.....He is Wordy". I exploded with laughter as Landen assured me that this meant that obviously Jesus liked to talk just as much as he did. "Honey," I began, "the song says 'He is Worthy', not He is wordy!". Landen quieted in a look that seemed almost one of defeat. No words were spoken, but I could see the wheels turning in his head as he considered this new information. Humored by these events, I enjoyed my newfound silence as McKaylee drifted off into a peaceful nap and Landen stared out the window. Then alas...."Mommy, then what does WORTHY mean?" Ahh.....Landen: He who is Wordy


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