Thursday, April 10, 2008

The "good drug"

Once again, today was a really hard day. Chunks-a-lot had another bad night last night and then decided to get up at 5 am. That's always pleasant after an almost sleepless night. Of course, then she was extremely irritable all morning until finally, at 7 in the morning, I put her down for her first nap. I was invited to go to a spin class today by some friends that are members of a local Gold's Gym and as tired as I was, I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house alone. Even though I left that spin class completely drenched in sweat, it was such an awesome way to relieve some stress and anxiety. The rest of the day was spent trying to appease a very irritable chunky peanut and struggling to answer life's deepest questions from none other than Talks-a-lot. Luckily, my mom (further referred to as Chocolat) got off work early and was able and willing to tackle my crazy life along side me. After waking Chunks-a-lot from her much-needed nap number three, we were off to the Olive Garden. Chunks-a-lot was greatly offended that we had put her in the car seat and decided to grace us with her far-from-delicate yelps and screams......all the way to the restaurant. There's nothing like driving in a cramped car with Chocolat coaching my driving, Talks-a-lot explaining over and over how his umbrella works and Chunks-a-lot screaming louder than any of us in the backseat. After we sat down at our table inside the restaurant, the waitress offered us some complimentary wine. Let me pause for a moment to say that it has been a very long time since I have even had a sip of alcohol of any sort. Yet as I was sitting there, staring at that dark burgundy liquid, it seemed to burn a hole in my resistance. I, very quickly, blurted out, "YES, I will have some!". Chocolat looked at me like I was losing it (which I was) but dared not say anything. The kind waitress poured a tease of wine into both of our glasses and scurried away. Chocolat went to sniff and sip her wine when, to her surprise, I grabbed my goblet and chugged it in one enormous gulp. "You're supposed to sip, my dear", was Chocolat's response to my manners; to which I quickly asked, "Are you going to finish your wine?" I only wish you could've seen the look on her face as I grabbed her glass and literally inhaled the alcohol into my veins. If I had forgotten that the children were there, Talks-a-lot soon reminded me by asking, "Is that the good drug or the bad drug?" My response? "No, that's the GOOD drug!" I'm not exactly sure why Talks-a-lot calls alcohol a drug because I always call it "the crazy juice". Oh and don't worry--- I do not condone drinking at all, especially not in front of children, but I don't think the occasional glass of wine is going to hurt anyone. Or maybe I'm just saying that to ease my conscience......who knows. Regardless, it was exactly what I needed at that moment and I guess, according to my son, I've done good drugs tonight. Hmmm.....I hope he doesn't go to school tomorrow and tell THAT to his teacher! Hah, can you imagine me trying to explain that??

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